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JavaScript Object Notation (referred to as JSON) is a common text based format for writing objects, for example [1, 2, 3] or {"a": 1, "b": 10}.

AHK object syntax is very close to JSON syntax, however, JSON requires field names (like "a" in the previous example) to be in quotes, and allows new lines to be started nearly anywhere.

The traditional operations for JSON are "load"/"parse" and "dump", where loading translates JSON text into an object, and dump translates an object into JSON text.

  • cJson by Geek (GeekDude), a newer JSON library with most of the parsing/dumping logic written in C to provide higher speeds.
  • gdip by tic, GDI+ standard library 1.45 by tic

See additional context at Machine Code.

  • AHKhttp by Skittlez, basic http server.
  • AHKSock by TheGood, AHKsock is a high-level wrapper which I have written to facilitate the use of the Winsock APIs in AHK. It will allow you to create clients and servers that can communicate with each other, purely written in AHK!
  • Socket.ahk by Bentschi, Class based socket library by Bentschi with tweaks by Geek (GeekDude).
  • WebSocket.ahk by Geek (GeekDude), Connect to a WebSocket server using AutoHotkey by taking advantage of a hidden ActiveX control.