AHK Studio

Ref: GitHub, AHK Studio Wiki, AHK Studio Forum

AHK Studio is an IDE for AutoHotkey written by maestrith that provides:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Syntax Suggestions
  • Plugin Support
  • And much more!

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  • Run scripts from the File/Run or File/Run x64 (for those who use the 32 bit install).
  • Easy customization of themes Edit/Theme with a few that have been created by users. I will gladly add any themes that are submitted to me.
  • Automatic help text for most commands (eg MsgBox, Control, SplashText…etc).
  • Code Vault for adding code snippets to the program.
  • Version Tracker with Github upload.
  • Gist post your scripts.
  • Split up projects into Segments to keep things neat under File/New Segment. (makes an include file)
  • Special functions (Move Selected Lines Down, Create Comment Block, Character Count…etc)
  • Msgbox Creator for easily creating more complex msgboxs.
  • Personal Variable List: You can add anything to this list and it will come up with the list of other commands as you type them.
  • Custom Highlight List: You can add anything to this list as well and it will change the color that it appears in the program.
  • Customize every action with a hotkey, many of them are already assigned but they can be changed under Edit/Settings.
  • FTP integration.
  • Auto Insert: by default it will add, <> for <, [] for [, {} for {, () for (, and '' for '
  • Quite a few more.