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The AutoHotkey Discord is a Discord server used by the AutoHotkey community.

The server was created by tomoe_uehara on the 17th of November 2015. The server saw very little activity for the first two years of its existence. At one point only 11 messages were sent in the server for a whole year.

In January of 2017 runie joined the server, and three months later he was made an administrator. As administrator, runie made changes to the server such as adding a basic set of rules and roles. The invite link to the server was also posted on the AutoHotkey forums, causing a trickle of members joining.

In June of 2017, a custom Discord bot written by runie and Geek (GeekDude) was added to the server. The bot could pull up arbitrary documentation from the AutoHotkey documentation pages and perform other simplistic commands.

Throughout 2017 the server owner tomoe_uehara started being less and less active on the server and at one point had been inactive for nearly five months. Because of the inactivity, the server ownership was transferred to runie by Discord.

Data sampled from message history in the server, might not be completely accurate.

Date Member count
2017-11-05 861
2018-03-18 1,500
2018-04-18 1,600
2019-08-01 4,000
2020-01-20 5,200
2020-07-17 7,000
2021-07-06 10,000
2022-02-18 11,500
2022-10-29 13,062
Date Member
2015-11-05 +tomoe_uehara1)
2017-04-04 +runie2)
2017-06-26 +nnnik
2017-09-02 +Waetherman
2017-11-15 +sjc
2017-12-28 -tomoe_uehara3)
2018-04-07 -nnnik
2018-04-15 +Cap'n Odin
2018-06-10 -Waetherman
2018-12-26 +CloakerSmoker
2020-10-02 +Devise and elModo7
2021-01-15 -Devise
2021-08-02 +Geek (GeekDude) and Micha
2022-10-12 +Micha4)

Created server
2) , 4)
Given administrator permissions
Lost server ownership because of inactivity